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    Annotations scanning nightmare

    Radim Marek Newbie

      Hi Ales,

      having currently some performance problems in development environment due to the annotation scanning (multiple different frameworks, components, etc.) I'm wondering if there is any idea (or better ongoing work) how to facilitate handling existing of annotations only once?

      I've been wondering how complicated it would be to integrate it into Microcontainer. Given fact VFS is handling all deployments, it should be difficult to create class visitor to collect matrix about available classes and included annotations. This information (as some kind of repository - attached to classloading domain) would then be available through MC extension of some sort.

      Obviously on the client side there would be a requirement to have some kind of stub, to be able to switch from this implementation between MC powered version and good-old find all URLs and scan them.

      This would also allow to come-up with some universal XML (or other format) override of annotations.