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    Classpath order within a deployer (to support evil hacks)

    Bob McWhirter Novice

      I'd like to "patch" a dependency of my deployer by providing a replacement class earlier in the classloader than the original .jar.


       jboss-rails.jar # includes my patched org.apache.cxf.staxutils.StaxUtils
       cxf-commons.jar # includes the original version

      Right now, I think my jboss-rails.jar comes after cxf-commons.jar, as my replacement class is not used. I'd like to ensure that my jar is first/earlier in the search process. I could probably "solve" this by naming my patch jar "aaaaa.jar" but that seems a little bit awkward.

      Don't focus on CXF vs jbossws. Being able to "hot patch" classes through classloader search-order control would be awesome, generally speaking.