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    Howto inject beans into a collection

    Anders Welen Apprentice

      Hi all,

      I just started looking at the Microcontainer and wonder how I should inject beans into a collection (List) that is a property to another bean?

      I can't find any examples how this should be done (if possible).

      <bean name="a" class="xxx.xxx.A">
       <property name="listOfB">
       <list elementClass="xxx.xxx.B">
       <value><inject bean="b1"/></value>
       <value><inject bean="b2"/></value>
       <value><inject bean="b3"/></value>
      <bean name="b1" class="xxx.xxx.B">...</bean>
      <bean name="b2" class="xxx.xxx.B">...</bean>
      <bean name="b3" class="xxx.xxx.B">...</bean>

      Best regards