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    Printing content of a modal Panel

    Nick Mpallas Newbie

      Hi all,
      i have a preview page where it popup's a modal panel and displays some information.Now i want print the content the modal contains.When i simply
      use a commandlink with an onclick call to the window.print() then it prints
      only the underlying content it can see and the half of the modal panel.When i move the modal as left as i can in the screen it prints the modal on top of the
      background page but only the part that is viewable.The modal is more than 2
      pages length.what i want 2 do is to print the content of the modal.I tried various solutions..including creation of a print.css...but still had no luck with it.
      From what i discovered while googling it,is that many browsers(Gecko mostly based) have a well known bug for floating elements inside the page.Anyone
      had luck with it.Plz reply asap.!!!