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    How to convert @Service MBean POJO to microcontainer POJO

    yashendra chandrakar Newbie

      I have lot of MBean Services created using @Service and @Management annotations. I am not using -service xml instead using @Service annotation so that I can use annotations like @EJB.These Services depends on various EJBs and to get reference of ejbs from Services I am using @EJB annotation. This is how the code is:

      public class UserStartup
       implements StartupMBean {
       private ObjectManagerLocal objectManager;
       private PropertyManagerLocal propertyManager;
       public void start() {

      It would be highly appreciated if anybody let me know how to achieve all these if I want convert my POJO mbeans to microcontainer beans.

      Are there equivalent annotations in microcontainer for @EJB , @Depends.
      Or it is not possible in microcontained bean to achieve these through annotations without using -beans.xml