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    MC, JSR-299 and notion of

    Ben Cotton Newbie

      Given JSR-299 is in final DRAFT, is it fair to say that, once all of {MC, Spring, Guice, et. al. DI IoC providers} are JSR-299 compliant, the community may soon have a single "provider independent" API for wiring application Bean sets?

      Will this be true of MC? I.e. will I be able to realize the exact same wiring configuration and API conventions to specify/engage an MC Bean as I would a different DI Ioc provider's (e.g. Spring) Bean?

      Is it fair to say that MC's JSR-299 implementation, from the application standpoint, will be both 100% sound and 100% complete .... i.e. there won't be too many anticipated cases were MC "provider dependent" API usage is preferable/necessary?