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    EAR being deployed over and over again?!

    Karoy Bandai Newbie

      Made a very simple EAR {in Eclipse}, using Maven, all seems to be in order for its contents and everything.
      Plucked into the JBoss 5.1 default server config's deploy folder and started the server:
      - the app seems to deploy the 1st time, during a start-up, just fine
      - the then the server keeps trying to deploy it over and over, but of course it's already deployed, so the attempt runs into this error:
      Error deploying jboss-poc-ejb.jar: Error creating ejb container FubarBean1: Container jboss.j2ee:ear=ejb-app.ear,jar=jboss-poc-ejb.jar,name=FubarBean1,service=EJB3,VMID=026595140065ca82:1b62e705:1247d602e95:-7fc2 + is already registered

      What am I doing wrong? New to JBoss, but have done Weblogic development for years and have done this on WL a number of times before, if that makes much difference.