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    Single Deployment Unit from multiple files inside a zip

    Ramesh Reddy Master


      I am trying to write a new deployer for Teiid artifact which is a zip file. In there I have two xml files that I need to parse and gather metadata and deploy them as single unit.

      To accomplish this, I wrote deployer that extends "MultipleVFSParsingDeployer" and defined mappings and the "parse" and "merge" calls are being called correctly on the XML files, however the DeploymentUnit supplied in each individual parse call is file itself rather than the parent zip file, thus I am ending up with two deployments at the end rather than one. Can you please help me how I can configure them to work under single deployment unit.

      I also tried individual deployer for each of my XML file extending "AbstractVFSParsingDeployer" but the behaviour is same.

      For example:

      - a.xml
      - b.xml

      while parsing "a.xml" and "b.xml" I would like "Foo.zip" as DeploymentUnit, instead of "Foo.zip#a.xml"

      Thank you.