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    ANNOUNCE: Ivankovits and Kitching's Orchestra: Conversations

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      I am pleased to announce a new podcast on JSF Central. In this podcast JSFCentral editor-in-chief Kito D. Mann interviews Mario Ivankovits and Simon Kitching. Mario is a senior developer for OPS EDV in Austria. He is the founder of the Apache MyFaces Orchestra project, which has proven its stability and robustness in production in the web applications developed by his company. Simon also works at OPS and is one of the most active contributors to the MyFaces Orchestra project. Here is an excerpt:

      Kito: Okay, so this new idea is something called MyFaces Orchestra, which is one of the newer additions to the ever growing group of MyFaces sub-projects. Tell us a little bit about what Orchestra is.

      Mario: Orchestra tries to be a solution for helping people working with, let's say wizard-like page flows and persistence and stuff like that. As a Tomahawk developer, where I came from -- from MyFaces -- we were very centric to create tags for everything, so we started with a conversation tag; so like ,you will have tag and that is where you will add your beans and things like this.

      When we were sitting together reviewing what I did, the others looked at me a little bit strange and said "it's too complicated. Let's make something different. Let's make something which is as easy as an HTTP session." So the idea was born to create a custom scope, and since JSF is not extensible in this area, we researched what matches best and so we came to Spring. Then the Apache MyFaces Fusion project was born, but Fusion was not accepted by the community and so it is Orchestra now.

      Read the full article or download the podcast here: http://www.jsfcentral.com/articles/ivankovits-kitching-02-09.html

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