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    Kosmos 0.2.0RC2 released


      Kosmos 0.2.0RC2, open source project monitoring portlet suite developed at JBoss Labs, has been released.
      Its aim is to give you a quick and easy way to set up project monitoring portal pages.

      Version highlights are:

      update scheduler: configuring the update trigger in kosmos-services-servlet.xml, you can schedule automatic service reloads at given periods or times.For example, you can schedule a very expensive Subversion repository traversal at 2 o'clock in the morning every day, so the portal will reflect up-to-date results by the time you get to your browser. Scheduling is done using the powerful Quartz library and gives you extreme flexibility.
      fixed views: you can have your portlet display only a single view of a single item.For example, you can display the revision history of one SVN repo, or the assignees of one JIRA database. Navigation is disabled in this case, but it's possible to set up a portal page with different fixed views on the same item.
      unit tests: improved test coverage
      i18n: German and Japanese language packs (thanks to Werner and Doi-san)

      And a lot of additional minor fixes and enhancements.


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