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    Delete Attachments

    chris effenberger Newbie

      How can I delete a attachment.
      Where did the wiki saved the attachments?

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          Tomasz Szymanski Novice


          For now you can't do it automatically (but attachment/page delete will be added soon),

          For now you have to delete it manually from disk. To do it remove completely directory:


          let's say you have attachment "picture.jpg" at page "Main" and you left filedatasource.properties as it was, then you have to delete:


          or under windows


          Note this is if you got wiki from portletswap or downloaded binaries/sources from JBoss Wiki webpage. If you checked out it from our SVN repo directory is:

          /user/local/forge/wiki (/Main-att/picture.jpg-dir)

          I hope this will help,

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            chris effenberger Newbie

            Sorry, but I can´t find any path you have mentioned.
            I have done a "find . -name ..." but there is no file.
            ???? Where does wiki write the data?
            Thank for your help.
            Perhaps in the next Version there would be something more clearly.

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              chris effenberger Newbie

              I have found the files in root of the filesystem.
              JBoss has never storing files in a directory upper then jboss/server/default.
              The tmp directory for the server ist jboss/server/$JBOSSSERVER/tmp.
              I am glad that I have found it :-)

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                Prasanth Nag K Newbie

                You have to create profile in wiki. Only logged in users can be able to delete the attachment from the web page.

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                  Arun Batchu Newbie

                  In the binary beta jboss wiki portlet released on 10/31/05, I am still not able to delete attachments.

                  Is there a new release on the horizon? Should I be brave enough to use the alpha version? - Does it have the ability to delete attachments?