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    MediaWiki syntax and file handling

    Neil McFarlane Novice

      Hello, a few suggestions for the design of JBossWiki.

      MediaWiki syntax
      Would it be possible, as an option, to allow the Wiki administrator to change the forums to use pseudo-MediaWiki style syntax instead of JSPWiki syntax?

      Handled the same as MediaWiki


      Central repository
      I know that JSPWiki allows files uploaded on a page basis, but I'd prefer to upload centrally and link to files with a [[File:FileName.ext|MyFile]] tag as I could potentially want the same file available on multiple pages. The MyFile would, of course, be optional. These files wouldn't need to be rendered within the wiki, so they could simply be stored and transferred as BLOBs.

      File sharing with CMS
      I would also like to be able to access files stored in the default JackRabbit CMS from within my wiki without having to upload it twice. For these I'd like a [[JRCMS:FilePath\FileName.ext|version|MyFile]] tag, with the last two portions being optional (if no specific version is specified, then it would use the last one).

      Going the other way, I'd like to see a "JBossWiki" folder added to CMSAdmin if JBossWiki is installed which would allow file management from there instead.

      I'd like for files to have the same kind of categorization options as any other page.