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not so ordered lists

Peter Johnson Master

The portal style sheet declares that all lists items will use a particular bullet gif. Unfortunatley, that applies to ordered lists created in the wiki also. I realize that this is probably a bug in the portal (they really should change their style sheet), but I figure that it probably is a good idea to differentiate wiki ordered lists from non-wiki ordered lists.

I have a path that applies a class, wikiol, to ordered lists, and adds styles to the wikiStyle.css.

In addition, I often need to continue order list numbering. For example, I might have points number 1 and 2, and as part of point 2 include some code (formatted using {{{..}}}), and then want to have point 3. But of course, the numbering starts again and I end up with 1, 2, 1. Not what I want.

I have a patch that enables the user to optionally append a number to the # character to start ordered list number at that value. Thus, in my example above, I could do:

# Do this
# Do that, here's how:
{{{brilliant code}}}
#3 And then do...

to get the items numbered 1, 2, 3.

Once again, if you are interested I can create a JIRA (or 2) and attach the patch(es).