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    <rich:dataScroller> Problem

    Raluca Jucan Newbie

      Hi everybody,

      I have a table with a datascroller. For each table entry I have a link and when I click on it another page will be displayed. My problem is as follows: I click on the 2nd page in the datascroller, everything is generated just fine, I click on an entry link, everything works, I go back using the "Back" button of the Browser and the first page of my table is displayed. This wouldn't be such a big problem but when I click on an entry link now it just goes on the 2nd page of the table and my Handler method isn't called at all.

      Does anybody have an idea for this or has encountered the same pb?


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          Kip Moore Newbie

          i've had this same problem. unfortunately, i've never been able to find a fix for it - using the "back" button seems to break the intended functionality of the datascroller, and it always reverts back to page 1.

          interestingly enough, you can see the same behavior on the "usage" tab of the datascroller demo page, although the "scroller facets usage" tab seems to behave in the desired fashion. sadly, binding the "page" attribute of the datascroller seems to have no effect on this issue for me.

          additionally, when using an extendedDataTable, any sorting that has been done reverts back to the default as well.

          the workaround that i have done is use something along the lines of:

          <body onload="reloadContent()">

          in conjunction with:

          <a4j:jsFunction name="reloadContent" reRender="panel_to_refresh_name" />

          on any page that uses a table with a datascroller.

          i would LOVE to find a solution to this problem, as there are cases in my application where reloading the page takes alot of time.

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            Ilya Shaikovsky Master

            Browser didn't care about ajax requests which was between loading the page and pressing the Back button. And RichFaces has no functionality to control this. Try to check for some thirdparty.