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    suspend-resume() Method with problems

    Javit Gellaw Newbie

      HiGuys , i tried to develop jbpm with some rules (drools). I use just start-state, task-node, (task with action-ActionHandler variables) and end-state.
      So my problem is:

      suppose a user give a value for one varable this will be controll by the drool
      For example variableName is "value" So the drool-rule condition controlls if value>10 then Condition is ok the process will continue,

      when not ok==>Drools(in Consequence) this Task-Node must wait, block or lock till the value variable is correct that means till value>10
      I tried this with the Method: to block the Task-node processInstance.suspend() also processInstance.wait()
      and to unblock the Task-Node processInstance.resume() also processInstance.signal()but it doesn't work.
      please help me with this problem

      with kind regards