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    Does G4JSF still exist?

    Drew Arrigoni Newbie

      I've been evaluating different Java based web application technologies and I came across G4JSF and became very interested.

      I've used JSF for about 8 months now and find it very simple to use for simple forms. I also have been using IceFaces for about 5 of those months and find it acceptable for building websites where the components fill your needs effectively. However, I'm moving into areas where using GWT (as I'm not Javascripty enough to do it raw) might make for a more effective tool. In particular, reducing the number of server trips by pushing more of the view control (hiding and unhiding divs, paging, etc.) to the client.

      I also intend to integrate Seam into my next project as well. I feel using "raw" JSF for nearly a year has helped me understand a lot of its shortcomings. I can really see why Seam would be helpful. :)

      When I saw G4JSF, I thought it would fit my needs well. I can create the simple forms with JSF/SEAM and when I need a more complicated or performance critical client side piece, I can create a GWT widget and tie it to my JSF/SEAM backend with G4JSF which allows me to reuse the expertise I've acquired there.

      So, I found the G4JSF site on the old AJAX4JSF page and all the interesting links alert me that it's been moved. Then there it tells me it's be absorbed into RichFaces. So, does the G4JSF still exist or has it been subsumed into RichFaces? Where would I start if I wanted to start learning to use it? Am I two years behind? :)