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    XPDL first commit



      I have just commited the first code base for the XPDL module. This includes the basic XPDL parsing (processes, activities and transitions) as well as some logic for AND JOIN and AND SPLIT behaviours.
      The execution logic is based on the one existing in Bonita.

      I have also shared with Marc most of the things discussed during the last week meeting so he will start working on:

      - JOIN and Split logic use cases and refactoring (two execution levels vs multiple executions levels for child executions)
      - XPDL 2.0 vs XPDL 1.0 (what's new and impact of the new elements in the PVM)
      - XPDL unit test suite

      On my side, I will make some time (between caipirinha and caipirinha) to leverage Bonita hooks as well as on the task management.

      Miguel Valdes

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          Ronald van Kuijk Master

          Great, I did a checkout a few minutes ago from anoncvs, but it seams that some classes have a wrong package declaration. e.g.

          package hero.hook;
          import hero.interfaces.BnNodeLocal;
          import hero.util.HeroHookException;
          public interface NodeHookI {

          is in a dir org.jbpm.xpdl.resources.hooks

          Should I try the normal cvs (non-anon) or wait or is it a slip op the keyboard?

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            Tom Baeyens Master

            i did a quick fix the build problems.

            miguel, marc, i just fixed applied quickfixes the build problems, i don't know wether i broke some of the code you wrote. let me know if that is the case.

            one note, to be in sync with the rest, i would rename the ....xpdl.parsing package to ....xpdl.xml and i also would include the xsd's in that package. just my .2 cts :-)

            i'll have a more in depth look later and give my comments.

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              I've updated with your last changes and everything seems to work as expected :-)

              I don't have any objection regarding the package rename you propose for XPDL parsing.

              Regarding hooks, I'm currently working on that in my local workspace and I commited it by error :-) so please just don't pay attention to that for the moment....

              Miguel Valdes