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    Tom Baeyens Master

      i have been focussing on bpel since charles is basically blocked on my input. you want me to refactor the xpdl parsing for you ?

      i can do it, but the easiest for me is when i can do it in a separate package as a new thing. refactoring in the existing code without breaking things will be harder for me.

      in a new proposal package, i could give you an idea of how the new xpdl parser could look like. then you could take that as a starting point or use it as an example to refactor the current xpdl parser.

      let me know your thoughts

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          mvaldes Novice

          Sure, go ahead under the xpdlproposal package. We are currently stucking on the execution behaviour so we can continue working on our side using the existing parsing and then move to the new one.

          However, it is not clear to me why you decided to refactor the current XML parsing for both BPEL and XPDL (probably you have a good reason). Next meeting would be a good opportunity to exchange on that...

          Marc would be a little bit disapointed because he was pretty close to finish XPDL parsing... hope he could reuse part of this code in the new parsing you propose....

          Miguel Valdes