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    two questions with the biggest impact

    Tom Baeyens Master

      just wanted everyone to be aware:

      there are still 2 things that are not clear in my head that might lead to potentially big refactorings:

      1) persistence of relations in the executables

      2) translation of the bpel process structure into a transition based model

      i'll elaborate on those later. have to run now and i didn't want to forget to mention them.

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          mvaldes Novice

          Persistence is definetly one of my main concerns. After read your notes on persistence (persistence.txt file) I think that we should address that (kind of prototype) to check if the wire scope approach to handle node implementations works and scale as expected, what do you think ?

          You know those issues better than us but we are ok to collaborate on that right know, any proposition ?

          Miguel Valdes

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            Tom Baeyens Master

            i already realized that "persistence is no problem" was a bit of an exagguration. i actually should have said "some of the main persistence problems have already been layed out and at this stage we shouldn't worry about that yet".

            now, aspects of those persistence solutions (like e.g. wiring) are starting to ripple in the prototype language implementations.

            while i still think we can ignore those things for now. we have to discuss the persistence strategy at some point. then, i can give an overview of what I had in mind and you can challenge or provide alternative proposals.

            i can already give that overview next week based on the doc/persistence.txt