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    Tom Baeyens Master

      in the correlator, i think could be better to change the return value of the createNewBpel method from boolean to BpelExecution. then a null value could represent the current false. Also, createNewBpelExecution would be a better name i think.

      could you also document your intentions with the getMessageToConsume ? that is not totally clear with me.

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          Charles Souillard Newbie

          createNewBpelExecution is OK for me.
          Concerning the return type, I think returning a bpelExecution could be ambiguous. Imo I think we could think that we have to call proceed... This is linked to the "automlatic" launch of an execution when calling the constructor...
          In another hand, what could be the use of the created bpelExecution in the correlator ? (if we don't have to call proceed...)

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            Charles Souillard Newbie

            The current algorithm is not complete...

            Here is the expected behaviour of the receive.execute method :

            execute (Execution execution)
             Message m = null;
             if there is a message associated to execution (or one of its parent) then
             if this message is associated to the current startActivity then
             consume it (call receive method)
             // else waitstate : it means the process has another startActivity on which execution was started
             m = correlator.getIncomingMessage;
             if (m!=null) then
             consume m (call receive method)
             //else : waitstate : no message is alredy arrived in the correlator