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    rich:inplaceSelect questions (fire valueChanged event)

    Jamon Portu Newbie

      Hello! now that questions about during using inplaceSelect component:

      my component:

      <rich:<inplaceSelect value="#{crmBean.workerItem}" openOnEdit="true">
       <f:selectItems value="#{crmBean.personItems}" />

      personItems is ArrayList of SelectItem objects.

      1. if I bind valueChangeListener attribute in jsp to some method in Java like this:
      public void someMethod(ActionEvent ae)
      System.out.println(ae.hashCode+"some text");

      after change current value in my inplaceSelect I see nothing in output; also if I debugging project, breakpoint
      inside method catched never.

      2. I use on same page rich:dataTable, rich:datascroller and rich:inplaceSelect (inplaceSelect located in header of
      dataTable). Next: I change value of inplaceSelect, and next go to next page of datascroller. In this case value
      of inplaceSelect change to default (i.e. inplaceSelect don't save view value when using datascroller).

      Please, review my issue.