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    Charles Souillard Newbie

      Hi all,

      let me introduce Guillaume Porcher which is one of our new developer in Bpm Bull team !
      Guillaume will work around persistence both in PVM and BPEL/XPDL extensions.
      For the moment he is working on inheritence-mix project to introduce JPA.
      Fell free to ask him questions and for sure answer his questions !


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          porcherg Novice

          Hi all,

          I have a question about the mapping of the class org.pvm.jpdl.ProcessState:

          in the package org.pvm.jpdl, we have:
          class ProcessState implements Executable

          in the mapping file ProcessState.hbm.xml, we have:
          <subclass name="org.pvm.jpdl.ProcessState" extends="org.pvm.jpdl.JpdlExecutable"

          Why do we have two different inheritance hierarchies ?

          Thanks for your help

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            Tom Baeyens Master

            sorry for the delayed reply.

            the mapping is obsolete. there is only 1 inheritence hierarchy of executables.

            the difficulty is that it should be mapped in with mixed mapping strategy. all the pvm related properties should be in a single, central pvm table. all the classes related to 1 process language should be mapped flat into one 'extension' table.