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    Mixing Nested and transition based executions

    mvaldes Novice

      I was working on combining nested node and transition based executions in a same process:

      I successfully managed to insert a nested node based sequence between two activities (that ends up in a 3 activities relied by 2 transitions).

      I'm thinking on the other way around: to add an activity transitions sequence inside one of the nested nodes but I cannot figure it out how to handle that.
      As a nested node returns to its parent when completed, there is no way to start a transition based sequence before this operation.

      I think this use case could be useful in some situations: i.e a split in which each branch must be handled in a predefined order but the internal behaviour of each nested node is transition based.
      I will make a try by creating childExecutions at nested node level...

      May be the returnSignal operation for nested nodes should be optional ?

      Miguel Valdes