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    difference between reference and object descriptor

    porcherg Novice

      In the behavior, I don't see the difference between

      <ref name='r' object='foo' />

      <object name='r' factory='foo' />

      The only difference I see is that object declaration has a initialization phase and the reference does not. But as there is no "auto-wiring" attribute and no operation, this phase does nothing.

      Is there any difference between these two constructions ?

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          Tom Baeyens Master

          not sure if

          <object name='r' factory='foo' />

          is supposed to mean anything.

          A ref is a reference to a named object defined elsewhere.
          An object is an object that should be constructed.

          I'm not yet 100% sure but i think that the object tag as specified above should not work.

          If you can, generate an XML parsing error for that situation. I'll fix it case i would remember a specific reason why it was like this, but that is unlikely.