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    descriptor documentation

    Tom Baeyens Master

      descriptors and xml bindings are separate. pottentially different parsers could be written for the same descriptors.

      i think the best place to document the xml language is in the bindings and use the WireParser as an entry point. in the package.html, there should be a reference to the WireParser.

      alternatively, the xml language could be described in full in the WireParser. probably that is the best as it centralizes all the xml grammar documentation. and in the WireParser it is in the right place.

      you can use html headers to mark sections in the WireParser javadocs.

      what do you think ? worthed the update effort ?

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          porcherg Novice

          maybe we should rename the binding package:

          org.jbpm.wire.binding -> org.jbpm.wire.xml.binding

          This way, all the xml related classes of wiring would be in the org.jbpm.wire.xml package.
          The package.html can be the entry point to the documentation of the xml language (or can point to the WireParser doc)

          I wanted to (re)organize the documentation when I'll have a more complete view of the wire package.

          What do you think about renaming the binding package ?


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            Tom Baeyens Master


            conceptually you have a point, but i prefer the shorter version. less time clicking and walking down directory trees.