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    unstructured joins

    mvaldes Novice

      This is just an after lunch thought on the way to implement unstructured joins:

      unstructured joins are joins nodes getting incomming transitions from different split/forks.

      So, how to know whether this join operates ? I think the easy way is to get the number of incoming transitions and wait until all of them are done. The difficult thing here is that each call to the Join execute method is comming from a different child execution.

      We could use an ExecutionScope to maintain a counter of the number of finished transitions. This execution scope should be stored in the common root execution of those incoming transitions.

      so another question is, how we can get this root execution ?

      - One solution would be to add a search method in the Join implementation
      - At XML (i.e XPDL) parsing time we can store this information in node implementations

      thoughts are welcome :-)

      Miguel Valdes