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    Human Task module

    mvaldes Novice

      I has a discussion yesterday with Inria folks on Human Task implementation. As you probably aware, there is a intend from several BPEL vendors to standardize the BPEL4People extention.

      This intend (http://www.infoq.com/news/2007/06/WS-BPEL4People_Announced)) is based on two complementary specifications. One of them is Human Task. This specification could be used by BPEL as an extention but could also be leveraged outside BPEL.

      Inria guys working with us in Bonita are interested in evaluate this spec. I think that would be great to know whether the Human Task spec could apply to both BPEL and workflow engines (i.e XPDL or JPDL), what do you think guys ?

      Miguel Valdes