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    Loading richfaces/a4j javascript manually

    david boardman Newbie

      I have an old application that is built on struts/tiles. I am using an ajax call to load a richfaces jsf component into the body of a page that has been built up by tiles (i.e. the top and side navigation of the page loads and then an ajax call loads a richfaces jsf component into the center of the page). This works well except that none of the javascript files that richfaces typcially generates are generated (probably because they need to be included in the element which was already defined in the surrounding page prior to the ajax call.

      If I manually load the resources into the element of the struts/tiles page then everything works. For example if I hardcode all the scripts into my like this:

      I'm concerned about maintaining these resource URIs as we continue to upgrade our richfaces/a4j implementation. Is there a way to generically load the javascript files that richfaces requires into a page not generated by jsf.