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    Environment and process configuration

    porcherg Novice

      The environment application context defines a global context for all the processes and the environment. In the BPEL extension, the process repository is defined in the application context.

      If we want the processes to share the same process repository, we need to share the same application context (and the same object cache), and as a result we need to use the same EnvironmentFactory (the env factory is the application context).

      If we do that, how to enable a specific configuration for one process or for one specific instance of a process ?

      There is a configuration field in ProcessElement, but it does not seem to be used yet in the code. Can we use this field to configure a process ?


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          Tom Baeyens Master

          in a typical situation, the process repository should be a block scoped object i think.

          cause typically a process repository has a member field session that connects to the database.

          that way the process repository object is block scoped, but because all these block scoped objects connect to the same database, there is only 1 logical process repository.

          does this help ?