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    adding parameters to signal

    Tom Baeyens Master

      in the next couple of posts, i'll be documenting some of the changes while i finalize the pvm api's.

      the first one is adding parameters to a signal.

      analogue to a method invocation on a java object, signals can have a named signal and parameters.

      i opted for all method combinations on the execution:

      void signal();
      void signal(String signal);
      void signal(Map<String, Object> parameters);
      void signal(String signal, Map<String, Object> parameters);

      That is because this is a user API and needs to be convenient.

      Next I opted for a single signal method on the NodeBehaviour where the 'signal' and 'parameters' parameters can be null.

      void signal(Execution execution, String signal, Map<String, Object> parameters);

      Cause that is easier to implement. It's up to the execution implementation to provide the method delegations with the default null values.