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    Tom Baeyens Master

      i now have finalized the services and how they are wired. the previous approach with EnvironmentFactory.getCommandService() was not extensible towards sub projects.

      now the idea is as follows: The user always has to obtain an EnvironmentFactory object with one of the following methods:

      EnvironmentFactory environmentFactory = EnvironmentFactory.parseResource("resource");
      EnvironmentFactory environmentFactory = EnvironmentFactory.parseInputStream(stream);

      Then this environment factory is to be kept statically by the user. I have made environment factory implement context so that you can easily get the services that are defined in the application context like this:

      CommandService commandService = environmentFactory.get(CommandService.class);
      PvmService pvmService = environmentFactory.get(PvmService.class);
      IdentityService identityService = environmentFactory.get(IdentityService.class);

      To configure those, a binding is added to the wire descriptors so that the command service and pvm service can be configured like this:

       <command-service />
       <pvm-service />

      each of those services is now a session facade that will be the primary way for people to use the pvm and the subprojects.

      take a look at org.jbpm.PvmService and org.jbpm.client.impl.PvmServiceImpl

      does that make sense to you ?