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    Upgrading JBoss from 4.0.5 to 4.2.1.GA causing binding issue

    alex elm Newbie

      I have two jboss (4.2.1.GA) servers that are running on linux box and hosted by hosting company. They have internal IPs as 10.4.1.* and have external IPs 69.*.*.* and also have host names and then they have load balancer (hardware load balancer) in front of them, which uses 69.* IPs for load balancing.

      When I upgrade the servers from 4.0.5 to 4.2.1.GA and start them up with following command:

      $ ./run.sh -c default -b


      $ ./run.sh -c default -b 69....


      $ ./run.sh -c default -b hostname

      I can't connect to them by IE anymore from external.
      The app servers are running properly.

      By the way I know this topic has been addressed many times, but I am not sure why I can't solve this issue using -b

      Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated