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    Environment problem in StandardCommandService



      In the last revisions, StandardCommandService was modified to use the current environment instead of creating a new one. Tests fail because DispatcherThread executes AcquireJobsCommand and the environment is null.

      Pascal Verdage

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          There was a problem with the interceptors. They were not added to the environment used for timer tests.

          There is still a problem with EnvironmentInterceptor, when it is used by an eagerly initialized object. The interceptor tries to use the current environment to access the environment factory, but there is no environment (eager objects are created during environmentFactory creation).

          As a workaround, we remove eager init for JobExecutor.

          Pascal and Guillaume

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            for me, the job executor doesn't have to work just yet in this release.

            just for the future: if such a test is important for you guys, make sure it is in the test suite. cause then it certainly grabs my attention and i won't release before the test suite runs.