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    PVM vs jBPM in terms of scalability

    diego mecerreyes Newbie

      I have checked another interesting post in jpbm forums, http://www.jboss.com/index.html?module=bb&op=viewtopic&t=133647

      Is is clear that jbpm has a good performance for non-concurrent scenarios but does not scale, the performance decreases dramatically at the time that several threads access concurrently. According to the tests, PVM seems to scale.

      We are using jbpm as the engine for a custom deployment in a telco operator in Spain. It is fantastic for the current usage but, in few months, there will be strong requirements for real-time services support, which means many transactions in parallel.
      We have detected that jbpm does not fit to such demanding services.
      We are evaluating alternatives to use for this requirement, I would discard jbpm because of performance.

      But the fact is that, if PVM fits and supports jpdl, we could use it and keep the rest of technology and servers and so on. That would be great.
      Do you agree?

      However, provided this is a good idea, there is another problem. I have read that PVM + jpdl will be not ready before the end of the year, is that true? will it possible to have an early release or anything like that? Otherwise, it will be late for us.

      Thank you