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    pvm release on wednesday

    Tom Baeyens Master

      I'm aiming for the next PVM release on wednesday.

      Be sure to synchronize good with me when working on the PVM next week. These are the things that I'll be working on:

      * fix the enterprise build (publish currently fails)
      * rename the ejb packages to enterprise
      * adding bits and pieces to the docs here and there

      Let me know of if there are things that should be addressed before the release.

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          Alejandro Guizar Master

          I just committed the following work:

          * Fixed the enterprise build by adding enterprise.jar to the depends list of the package target.
          * Renamed ejb2 packages to enterprise.

          Documentation is TBD.

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            mvaldes Novice

            Hi Tom,

            This could perfectly fit with XPDL and BPEL extensions roadmap.

            We planed to release Nova Bonita and Nova Orchestra Release Candidates versions on wednesday as well.

            We are currently mostly using the last PVM updates so we will make a try today with the snapshot.

            On our side the only thing that we could update on the PVM would be a fix related to the timer service... Pascal, Guillaume could you please confirm that.

            Miguel Valdes

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              Pascal Verdage Newbie


              I identified the problem woth the timer tests. It looks like the garbage collector delays some executions and makes the tests fail. I will look at it and make the tests independent of that.
              I will try to do this by tomorrow, but it is not critical since it is a test fix.