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    merge pvm.jar and pvm-enterprise.jar

    Alejandro Guizar Master

      Because the enterprise classes and descriptors were merged in the pvm module, pvm.jar now contains the classes but not the descriptors. All that was left in pvm-enterprise.jar is the descriptors.

      I'm thinking of adding the descriptors to the META-INF directory of pvm.jar, making it effectively both a library and an enterprise beans module. Any comments?

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          Tom Baeyens Master

          on the one hand, that line of thinking is the next logical step as we moved the classes to the pvm.jar

          but making the pvm.jar deployable as an enterprise jar is not good i think.

          i would prefer it we kept the separate ejb deployment files in a separate pvm-enterprise.jar

          i don't mind if building that jar is part of the pvm project, though.

          mostly gutt-feeling instincts speaking. i haven't yet analysed all the arguments in depth...