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    Data types

    Aivaras Liutvinas Newbie

      there is any plans to support List data type?
      In todays systems dynamic structure and big amuont of data wuold be nice to have Object structure. Lets call it Business Object:

      It could have all variables, wich are now in pvm plus lis, and another Business Object o Business Object list in himself. in such way there was better abstarction of element in business process and it would be easiar to manage dynamic elements amuont in processes.

      Thank yuo for attention

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          Ronald van Kuijk Master

          Besides of supporting it or not, I personally put businessobjects in their own database (or at least their own tables) I just use a businesskey in jBPM to reference businessdata and store some (a small amount) of businessdata in the process. Plain string variables

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            Aivaras Liutvinas Newbie

            There is some shortcommings:
            1. How You store references of lists of business object (for egzample many clients)
            2. As i understud you have to quite big amuot of variables tu store -> business object name, identifier (which of business object), and if there is a list of objects... and if this list is dynamic... it's quite hard to do it. I think better aproach to have this functionality in pvm or JPDL

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              Tom Baeyens Master


              Putting actual values as process variables is only practical for small data requirements.

              If the data associated to a process is complex, you should consider buiding a complete domain model for it and persist it with e.g. hibernate. Then store a reference to that object in the process variables.