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    pvm zip distribution

    porcherg Novice

      I committed a first pvm zip distribution generation script.
      Zip file can be generated by calling:

      mvn clean package assembly:assembly

      docbook generation is not yet done and licence files are missing.

      For docbook generation, ivy build used a docbook.zip file. Is that the default docbook distribution or was there some specific xsl stylesheets ?

      Licence files were retrieved from jbpm ivy repository, I don't know if they are in maven repository.


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          Tom Baeyens Master

          Great start ! Very nice.

          For docbook, the default maven docbook generation is good to begin with.

          I know there is a JBoss docbook thing, but i don't know yet if that integrates seemlessly with maven (probably). Maybe I'll update to that docbook generation later if it has decent maven integration, but that is not high on my priority list right now.

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            porcherg Novice

            I added doc generation for reference guide. There are still some issues with it (the name of the generated files needs to be changed), but the generated doc is usable.

            When the reference guide generation will be ok, we can just copy/paste the build targets to create the tutorials.