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    fork problem in pvm

    leo dio Newbie

      hi.I'm a new user of pvm.I wanna define concurrent process like "fork" and "join" in jbpm.But I cannot find "fork" and "join" in pvm and only find "node".So I can only use node to simulate the behavior of fork like this:
      ProcessDefinition processDefinition = ProcessFactory.build("sequence")
      .node("one").initial().behaviour(new Parrel("one")).transition("aaa").to("two").transition("bbb").to("three").node("two").behaviour(new WaitState("two")).transition("ccc").to("four").node("three").behaviour(new WaitState("three")).transition("ddd").to("four").node("four").behaviour(new WaitState("four")).done();

      Execution execution = processDefinition.startExecution();
      Execution e=execution.createExecution("child");
      Execution e2=execution.createExecution("child2");

      But i want the real fork and join like jbpm do.Is there any implemented fork and join in pvm?