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    JBpm + Spring in v4?



      I just start a project with JBPM, and I'm a newbee with it. I would like to use the latest version (v4), which seems to be quite different from previous version, and I would like to "Spring" it.

      I've seen in v4 source code that there were Spring classes (org\jbpm\pvm\internal\spring), but there is no doc/javadoc about it. Is it still in construction?
      Is somebody use it?.... any sample?...

      Thx in advance

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          Tom Baeyens Master

          its under construction. we've already done the basic research on how to integrate jBPM's persistence with spring's transaction management.

          there is a test case in the code that shows it. but it's not completed yet. we still need to springify the rest of the configuration (e.g. business calendar and things like that)

          that part is now waiting for a community volunteer (like you?) to complete it :-)

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            Thank you for your response.

            I just wonder if it won't be enough for my needs. I want to use it with tasks & assignment (maybe I misunderstand sth, but I think I needn't calendar and so on for using it). I just need to assign tasks and trigger them.

            I really appreciate simplification in v4 for using task - thank you, great job :-) -, it's why I would be sad to use previous version for that.



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              Tom Baeyens Master

              if everyone contributes a little bit, we might end up with a full jBPM 4 spring configuration that works for every one and enables all the features :-)

              to make progress, the idea is that the last section of the org.jbpm.pvm.spring.SpringTest is uncommented and that you then see where you encounter the next problem and figure out how that can be fixed. we can assist with it in the beginning.

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                I'm interested in the Spring integration with jBPM 4. I would like to contribute a bit of my cabacity if you can guide me a little bit, Tom.



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                  Andries Inzé Newbie


                  Initial work on the jBPM4 + Spring integration can be found on the ainze branch.
                  I already integrated the handlers, added spring bean configuration and created SpringJBPMTransactiontialDependencyInjectionTests.

                  The JIRA issue can be found here: https://jira.jboss.org/jira/browse/JBPM-1210

                  However some unfinished items remain:
                  * I'm not happy with the sessionFactory configuration (especially the caching, should be done a lot easier)
                  * A problem will occur with timers, since no transaction will be available when the JobFactory looks for work.

                  I'm very interested in your feedback!

                  Kind regards,