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    undeploying and deleting deployments

    Tom Baeyens Master

      the new repository service manages a set of deployments. you can create new deployments with the repository service and deploy those.

      long deploymentDbid = repositoryService.createDeployment()

      business archive deployer that is part of the jboss integration will make sure that .bar files get deployed like this.

      now i want to make a distinction between undeploying and deleting deployments.

      undeploying will mark the deployment as undeployed. it will still exist in the db, but it will not show up in the api and new processes instances cannot be started for process definitions in undeployed deployments.

      deleting the deployment will remove the deployment from the db. optionally this cascades to active executions and history information. if not cascading and still active executions, then an exception will be thrown.

      does this distinction between undeployment and deletion of deployments make sense to you as well ?