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      Please be advised that the Cypress Bend Golf Resort and Conference Center is anything but the world class resort that its website and advertising portray it to be. My wife and I stayed there for a week in October, 2008 and it was anything but a pleasure. I will list the problems that occurred in the order that they occurred:

      1. No 24hr bellmen. We checked in at 3AM and had to carry our own bags to the room with no assistance even though my wife is 61yo and her 79yo mother was travelling with us and we had been on planes all day.

      2. No concierge.

      3. No 24 room service.

      4. The $200.00 per night room's bathroom had a shower curtain instead of shower doors.

      5. The phone in the room did not work.

      6. The air conditioner leaked a large amount of water on the floor. I called the front desk and complained. An hour later a maintenance man showed up, took the air conditioner apart. It was extremely dusty. Obviously, there is no maintenance program and the "resort" is managed by crisis. The maintenance man informed me that the drain was clogged by a flying insect identified as a "dirt dobber" making a nest. He further stated that they are a known problem.

      7. My wife was told the "hot tub" in the swimming pool area was not working and that a part was on order. The entire week we were there the hot tub was out of order. I asked the maintenance man that fixed the air conditioner when the part was going to arrive. He informed me the hot tub was not broken; that management had it shut off to save money.

      8. No menus in the rooms.

      9. Dining room staff refused to bring a menu to the room.

      10. Shower head was not adjustable.

      11. Toilet seat would not stay up.

      12. Soap dishes in the shower are too small.

      13. Dining room menu has "cheesecake with strawberries" listed. Please note that "strawberries" is plural. I ordered the cheesecake. When it arrived it had one-half of one strawberry on it. My complaint yielded three more whole strawberries.

      14. Bathroom mirrors fog up when showering.

      The Cypress Bend Golf Resort and Conference Center in Many, Louisiana is not any better than a Motel 6 and costs 300% more to stay there.