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    Sascha Moellering Newbie


      let's assume, we've 2 transaction-partners, both transactions are prepared successfully, so the transaction-parts can be commited. The first part of the transaction will be commited, the second part of the transaction will be rolled back. My expectation is that JBoss will roll back the first part of the XA-transaction, too, but that does not work, the first part of the transaction is still in the database.

      Any hints?

      Our system:

      - JBoss 4.3 (EAP)
      - Postgres 8.2.12


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          Mark Little Master

          Have you read up on the two-phase commit protocol? Once something is committed it's committed. How can we undo it? Maybe what you're after is some form of extended transaction protocol? But it's certainly not part of 2PC: once prepared the participants really should commit (that's what prepared means). If they can't then either recovery will kick in to eventually commit or we'll have a heuristic outcome (which is what your scenario would cause.)