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    Transaction progagation behaviour across EAR boundaries ques

    Joerg Glandorf Newbie

      Is there someone who knows what the specification or JBossTM (JTA) implementation says about propagation of transaction context when SLSB-A in EAR-A calls SLSB-B in EAR-B, assuming that both SLSBs have TX PROPAGATION_REQUIRED set ?

      Our experience is that session beans from SAME EAR calling each other
      "see" already running transactions i.e. called SLSB participates in existing transaction.

      With inter-EAR calls this is not the case. SLSB-B resp. the tx-manager always creates a new transaction (after suspending tx of SLSB-A) i.e. the tx-manager creates 2 independent top level transactions.

      Is this the expected behaviour ???