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    Drag and drop don't work

    nizo bmn Newbie

      hi i have compiled the sample of drag and drop .

      package Testbean;
       import org.richfaces.component.Dropzone;
      import org.richfaces.event.DropEvent;
      import org.richfaces.event.DropListener;
       public class EventBean implements DropListener {
       private DndBean dndBean= new DndBean();
       public void processDrop(DropEvent dropEvent) {
       Dropzone dropzone = (Dropzone) dropEvent.getComponent();
       System.out.println("please show it"+dropEvent.getDragValue()+dropEvent.getDragValue());
       dndBean.moveFramework(dropEvent.getDragValue(), dropzone.getDropValue());
       System.out.println("here is it man"+dropEvent.getComponent().getId()+"please work "+dropEvent.getDragValue()+" "+dropEvent.getComponent().getValueExpression("name"));
       //dropEvent.getComponent().getChildren().get(0).getValueExpression("")+" "+dropEvent.getComponent().getValueExpression("d")+" fff"+dropzone.getDropValue());
       public DndBean getDndBean() {
       return dndBean;
       public void setDndBean(DndBean dndBean) {
       this.dndBean = dndBean;

      and i have pasted the 3 classes from the samples Dndbean eventbean and framework and also i have copy and paste the same jsp file from the livedemo here is what' i have got

      INFO: Server startup in 5167 ms
      please show itTestbean.Framework@705d28Testbean.Framework@705d28
      here is it manphphjh Testbean.Framework@705d28 null
      please show itTestbean.Framework@a937cdTestbean.Framework@a937cd
      here is it mandnethjh Testbean.Framework@a937cd null

      any help?