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    Failed to run JBoss ESB Quick Start demo code

    Chengfu Yao Newbie


      I just started leaning JBoss ESB and java programming in order to kick off a new project. To start with, I downloaded JBoss ESB Quick Start demo code and picked the first one JBossESBBasicFileListener to try.

      Follow the instructions I modified the file build.xml so that jbossesbhome.dir and jbosshome.dir point to my installations of JBoss ESB and JBoss AS on Windows 2000, i.e., I changed the value of property "jbossesbhome.dir" to "D://JBoss/JBossESB4.0_Beta1" and the value of property "jbosshome.dir" to "D://JBoss/jboss-4.0.4.GA_EJB3".

      In my installation of JBoss ESB the lib folder is directly under JBoss ESB home folder, I therefore changed the value of property "jbossesbdist.dir" from original "${jbossesbhome.dir}/build/dist/lib to "${jbossesbhome.dir}/lib"

      I also modified file BasicFileListenerConfig.xml for changing inputDirURI attribute. I then renamed the downloaded file MyFileWatcher.class under build\howto folder and run command "ant run" in a DOS window. The error message I got was "D:\JBoss\JBossESB4.0_Beta1\lib not found."

      I also tried to create a project in Eclipse using the code from JBossESBBasicFileListener with libraries properly set for the project, but when I chose Run As Java Applicatin in Eclipse, I got an error saying:
      "Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/jms/JMSException
      at howto.MyFileWatcher.main(MyFileWatcher.java:55)
      I kow the error was caused by a line in the code:
      GpListener oProc = new GpListener(CONFIG_FILE);

      Could any one tell me what's wrong? Thanks in advance.