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    HOW TOs

    John Pount Newbie


      I am working on an integration proof of concept and am trialing both JBossESB and Mule. I know JBossESB is new, but I am finding it much easier with Mule in terms of configuration and development as it has so much more documentation and better examples. I am hoping that JBossESB will catchup and would ideally like to get my POC working on both ESBs.
      One of my tests involves making a synchronous request, which then makes a couple of calls (async) to collate information and provide a response. Mule has a good example of this in the LoanBroker code, as well as a complete async implementation, but how wold I do it in JBossESB ? Do I need to correlate the messages myself etc

      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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          Mark Little Master

          We just released CR2 of the ESB. Take a look at the Trailblazer (also based on the Loanbroker example) as well as the QuickStarts. If they don't answer your questions, then come back here and we'll be happy to help.

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            Hi JP.

            JBossESB comes with a mini Trailblazer which is sort of based on the LoanBroker example we all know and love. Check it out in the samples/trailblazer tree.

            You can do async or 2-way routing using a TwoWay courier for your message routing. You can get more information on the Couriers in the Programmer's Guide.

            If you need more information or an example of a TwoWay use case, we can help you out here and work with you to put it together. Please post back any help you need.

            I will be expanding the TB shortly to do more of what you are looking to find in terms of an example and documentation you can use to help you with your poc.


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              John Pount Newbie

              Daniel and Mark,

              Thanks for the info and quick reply. I really want to get the poc going, so hopefully your replies will help.

              Just to give you an idea, I basically need to get a couple of services going with the most important being along the lines of ...

              App 1 - Posts a message to a queue to request some customer info (sync)

              ESB - Takes the message and then makes a call to a web service to get account data and a call to another application (App 2) to get customer info (async). The ESB combines the two responses and then returns the details to the calling app.

              App 2 - listening on a message queue, to pick up messages from ESB, and then sends replies

              I have added a couple of simple services but this is the main one. What I was wondering was how to handle the sync call whilst waiting for the two calls to return. I know you mentioned the TwoWay courier, but is this finished (much of the TB code has "TODO - Fix this" type comments in there. I have just downloaded the latest version (CR2) so I will see if that has any new stuff in it.

              The other main question I have is about deployment - should the ESB run within JBossAS or be launched in its own VM as per the samples ?

              Sorry to be such a pain, but I am on a really tight time schedule and would love to get the go ahead to implement JBossESB.

              I also want to check out the security features and jBPM integration but that is probably best left to another posting.