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    JESB TrailBlazer build process

    Craig Rickle Newbie

      Am interested in adapting the TrailBlazer example as a potential point to begin developing new capabilities. I may easily be missing something, so I apologize in advance. Noting that the files contained in org.jboss.soa.esb.samples.trailblazer.web.generated are generated by invocations of Apache Axis, I find that the top level build process does not appear to reproduce the underlying webservice files (LoanBrokerWS.java, LoanBrokerWSBindingSub.java, etc), at least in my local environment.

      I've gone so far as to write some simple ANT targets to at least convince myself that this is indeed how it goes, but would really like to ask for advice on this point. Does the shipped http://labs.jboss.com/portal/jbossesb/downloads/jbossesb-4.0CR2-src.zip package provide this regeneration ability? If so, what is the invocation? If not, is it possible to obtain what may potentially be missing?

      -Thanks very much

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          Hi there. Under the product/docs tree you can find a TBGuide.pdf document which explains how the client side web service stubs were generated. Here is the short mention:

          "JBossIDE which has a web service client side generator to create these classes if you are looking for a tool to use for this."

          Open up JBossIDE, there is a web service wizard/generator you can use to generate the client side classes for JSR-181 annotated ws pojo's.

          I did not include this auto-generation of these classes with the TB, they are not really an ESB component, but you could easily write some ANT steps to do this if you were building a real system.

          If you have any more questions, you know where to reach us...


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            Craig Rickle Newbie

            Yes, this will help considerably. I looked over the TBGuide and it appears to clarify a few concepts that took me some time to work through. Will spend some time to read more closely. Nicely done!

            I might mention that the TBGuide is a new addition with the GA release made available today and not apparently present in the earlier CR2 version. If you can point out that it was there before today, I might feel bad about missing it!

            Also, if it is possible and reasonable to add the auto-generation as script some day, I think it would help the build process. Please accept my appreciation for the excellent work going on everyday at JBoss.

            thanks again!

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              crickle - sorry I should have pointed out that is a new doc available with the GA released today.

              As for your comment on the auto-generation of the client side ws classes, I have JIRA'd it, and I will make sure it gets in for the next maintenance pack: http://jira.jboss.com/jira/browse/JBESB-400

              thanks for your feedback.