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    JMS CorrelationID

    Daniel Bevenius Master


      I have a question regarding JMS and correlation IDs.
      We have a synchronous request/reply senario where we to be sure that the response that is returned correlates to the request message.

      Our first thought was to have the JSM Gateway take the JMSMessageID value from the JMS message and set it as a property on the esb Message object.

      We would then have an Action router that retreives that property and sets it on the JMS Message object before sending the message to the replyTo queue.

      Are we going about this the right way or is there a better way to do it?



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          Kurt Stam Master

          Hi Daniel,

          1. We use something very similar in the TwoWayCourier, which is there just for a 'synchronous' response model. It actually sets a temporary queue. It is there for you to use, you can look at the Trailblazer where we used it too.

          2. Another example you can look it is the splitter/aggregator. Were we also use correlation tags.

          If all you communication is with ESB-messages the problem should be pretty straightforward to solve. If you are talking to an non-esb-aware system then you will have to pull out the property, before sending it out, and putting it back on when the message comes back. This is work you would have an 'adapter' do.

          I can't really tell what you scenario is, but I hope this helps.

          Good luck!


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            Daniel Bevenius Master

            Hi Kurt,

            thanks for the fast reply.
            Our current implementation deals with non-esb-aware messages, so I guess that we will use the 'adapter' solution.

            This is what we are doing now. In our jbossesb.xml we define a composer class for the gateway:

             <property name="composer-class" value="actions.CorrelationPacker"/>
             <property name="composer-process" value="process"/>

            We then have a router action that takes care of setting the correlatation id on the new JMS message.

            Is this the sort of solution you had in mind?

            Thanks again,


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              Kurt Stam Master

              Hi Daniel,

              Yep looks good to me.

              Alternatively you write your own aggregator, to aggregate messages based on other fields in your message. At one time - in the trailblazer- we looked for a social security number, but personally I prefer to solutions that use plumbing rather then message content.

              Good luck :), and let us know how things go.