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    Reg: Configuring Axis Web Services with JBOSS ESB

    Barada Sahu Newbie

      Hi All,
      I have recently downloaded the JBOSS ESB and trying to configure it so that I can register some web services that I have deployed in the JBOSS AS.
      All the samples and the quick starts point to configuring JMS based services with the ESB.
      Is it possible to configure SOAP based web services with JBOSS ESB?
      If so how?

      I do not want the services as the front end from which the ESB is invoked but rather as the back end to which I would be delegating the business logic processing to.

      Barada Sahu

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          Tom Fennelly Master

          Hi Barda.

          We don't have webservice support in the ESB just yet, but it will be coming soon - will be in the codebase within the next few weeks.

          At that point, we hope to have some tools in place within the ESB that will help you expose a webservice over a number of protocols i.e. enabling an FTP/JMS/etc based client to invoke a JSR-181 based service. It sounds like this is what you're after (if I read your post correctly).



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            Burr Sutter Master

            Unfortunately we don't have an example of how this can be achieved today. However, it is fairly straightforward. You'll need to create your basic client-side WS consumer (using the Axis libraries are fine) and include that code in an ESB action and then wire that action in via the jboss-esb.xml. In the future, we'll have an out of the box action for WS invocation but today you have to write the typical WS invocation code yourself. At one time Axis generated all of the client side code for you but I've not looked at it in a long time.